Table Fighter
Table Fighter (2019)


Table Fighter is a fast paced fighting card game for 2 or more players. It's easy to pick up and play, but has enough depth to keep even the most skilled players hooked. Table Fighter is inspired by traditional fighting games: you are rewarded for anticipating what your opponent will do and your skill completely replaces randomness. In Table Fighter, both players have a deck of six cards that they arrange before playing, and a super card which sits face up on the table. Because each player chooses the order of their deck, there is no randomness created in shuffling. Players can intentionally rearrange their decks using a "betting" mechanic to super-charge their moves and avoid their opponent memorizing their order, but the order of one's deck is always a direct result of their actions and combos. Players select actions in their hand and then simultaneously reveal them. The winning card is chosen through a rock-paper-scissors-like mechanic. Each player starts with 20 health, last player standing wins! —description from the designer

Hand Management
Card Game
Simultaneous Action Selection
Variable Player Powers
Video Game Theme
2 - 8
Nick Everlith
Nicole Stahl
5 - 10