Sweet Treats!
Sweet Treats! (2019)


It’s time for a party, and everyone’s hungry! Two to four players ages 5 and up compete to collect the tastiest sets of treats to please their guests. Will it be chocolate and pineapple? Or doughnuts and ice cream? Sweet Treats! is a children's set collection card game. Players take turns drawing delicious doughnuts and charming cupcakes from a row of cards, aiming to gather enough matching flavors to score big points. Bright colors help kindergartners begin matching as they learn to read, and simple scoring is built upon starting arithmetic. Older players may use the advanced rules to build sets in a two-dimensional grid, allowing savvy collectors to spread a single card across two sets for high-scoring combinations. They may also use optional rules for secret information, forcing players to study each other in pursuit of high-value treats. The rules also include a solitaire puzzle option for big kids, or as a cooperative experience with younger players. Designed as part of the 2018 Children’s Print and Play Game Design Contest. —description from the designer

Set Collection
Card Game
Print & Play
Children's Game
Cooperative Game
1 - 4
(Web published)
Brian Garthwaite
15 - 20