Takayama (2017)


Takayama is a dexterity game to play alone or with unlimited players. The goal is to build the highest mountains by stacking the various pieces of wood, measuring them and summing these measurements to reach 100 cm. The first player to reach 100 cm or more wins. Each player builds his mountain during turn by turn. The smallest player starts. In front of him, he places the base of the mountain (wooden board) and the tokens with the symbols facing down. He randomly turns a first token, takes the piece of wood with the corresponding symbol and places it on the wooden base. The player has the right to place it on the position he chooses, but only on the edge ! This is the first part of the mountain. Next, he turns a second token, places once again the corresponding piece of wood on the previous piece and continues to build his mountain. The player may, at any time, decide to continue or interrupt his construction. If the player is satisfied with his mountain, he stops, measures its height and writes down the score. The next player can start. If, on the other hand, the player continues and his construction collapses, his score will be zero for that round and the turn of the next player begins.

Party Game
Action \/ Dexterity
Children's Game
Push Your Luck
Stacking and Balancing
1 - 10
Alexandre Gérard
Thomas Pitte