Sushi Holic
Sushi Holic (2019)


Sushi Holic is a memory game of sushi-making theme. It consists of 40 pieces of tiles: 12 pieces of 3 pieces of tiles for sushi, 12 pieces of wasabi tiles, 12 pieces of rice tiles and 4 pieces of special tiles, green tea tiles. To play the game, first place all the 40 tiles face down on the table. The starting player chooses one tile and turns it over. If he/she succeeds in turning the rice-wasabi-material tile in order, one sushi is completed and the three tiles are taken by the player. If one of them fails, the turn is immediately passed on to the next player. If you turn over a green tea tile, take that tile and turn over another tile again. The obtained green tea tile can be used to inspect another tile at any time during the player's turn. When one player completes the number of sushi set according to the number of people, one round ends, and the person who earned the specified goal round score first wins the game. Sushi holic comes in two editions: 'Maguro edition' and 'Tamago edition' which have different material tiles but same rule. The two editions can be combined to play with up to 8 players. —description from the publisher

Take That
2 - 4
Soonsoon Studio
Seokhyeon Jeong
20 - 30