SUPÉRO (2019)


In SUPÉRO, you must capture you opponent's Super-Weak while protecting your own. You'll choose a starting team of 4 Super-Heros (out of 7 different characters, each with unique abilities ; the remaining three stay at your disposal as backup) to assist your Super-Weak (whom must stay in play all game long and has no special ability). The two players take turns and can either: move a character (1 square orthogonally) and/or activate a special ability. A character can't land on an ally, but capture an enemy if it end up on its square. The characters always face their owner, only he/sh knows their identity, meaning you can bluff when using a special ability. swap or pretend to swap two characters (on the grid or from you backup team) The non-active player can doubt the identity of a character and the use of its power. The character is revealed, if the action was legitimate the power is triggered and the doubting player loose a backup Super-Hero. If the action was a bluff, the active-player's turn ends immediately, cancelling the activation of the special ability. The game ends: when your Super-Weak is captured, you've lost immediately. when your only character in play is your Super-Weak, you've lost. when your Super-Weak reach the enemy starting line, you've won! —user summary

Grid Movement
Pattern Recognition
Comic Book \/ Strip
Print & Play
(Web published)
Léandre Proust
15 - 20