Sweet Success
Sweet Success (2020)


Become the best baker in town by gathering the most ingredients and baking the most (and yummiest) dessert recipes. Deliver a Sweet Success, and the whole town will flock to you for a taste! You bake all day every day and have plenty of yummy baked goods for the masses. Delivering these confections to Clients in the Neighborhood is how you gather Ingredients. You do not need any claimed Dessert cards to make a delivery. The "neighborhood" is made up of a grid of tiles and ingredients will be placed on the roads in the neighborhood as the game goes on. You get to pick up any ingredients you pass along the way to a client delivery. Client cards have various effects that can help you along the way. As you collect ingredients, you can claim dessert cards from a public "store." These dessert cards are worth points at the end of the game, and all the players can see the available cards. So if there's one you want, be sure YOU get it first by having all the appropriate ingredients. On a turn you: Place ingredients onto an empty road in the neighborhood You MAY make a delivery You MAY claim a dessert card. The end of the game is triggered when any player makes a third delivery, leaving three satisfied Client cards in front of them and two Client cards in their hand at the end of their turn (remember only one Client card remains face-up as the satisfied Client, and one Client card from the pair returns to players’ hands at the end of each delivery). -description from publisher

Hand Management
Set Collection
Pick-up and Deliver
2 - 4
Mayday Games
Charlie Hoopes
30 - 60