Tafl Up
Tafl Up (2019)


Tafl style games like Hnefatafl, Tablut and Halatafl have been popular down the centuries among Vikings and into the Renaissance. A skilled warrior was often buried with a tafl (board) as an honour gift. Round pieces move diagonally (bishop move) and jump orthogonally. Square pieces move orthogonally (rook move) and jump diagonally. Players are trying to get three pieces in a line, past their centre line. Once this happens, the pieces "Tafl Up" into a stack. First player to get all their pieces into stacks, wins the game. Simple. Tafl Up takes the usual capturing style of the game and turns it on its head by making the players flank (capture) their own pieces. With no taking, there is no player elimination, but players will find strong competitive elements in blocking and efficiency. —description from the designer

Grid Movement
Abstract Strategy
2 - 4
David Dawkins
30 - 60