Table Air Combat: C.200 Saetta
Table Air Combat: C.200 Saetta (2019)


Table Air Combat is a fast, simple air combat game that can be played on any flat surface. All you need are some six-sided dice and some coins to provide weight for the aircraft counters. Everything else can be printed from this ruleset. A player uses a flight of four aircraft represented by two counters. Aircraft counters move by means of curved “performance rulers” that represent the aircraft’s historical cornering ability and maximum speed. Each performance ruler is unique to each aircraft, and contains all the speed, cornering, and weapon information needed. TAC is designed for portability: the entire game can fit in a plastic bag. Even the largest battles can take place on a fast-food restaurant table. This ruleset comes with the Italian C.200 Saetta and two scenarios that refer to other aircraft: Malta: RAF Hurricanes come under attack by C.200 Saetta fighters. Gazala: Italian C.200 fighters escort Luftwaffe Ju-87 Stuka dive-bombers, while RAF Tomahawks intercept. —description from the publisher

Point to Point Movement
Dice Rolling
Aviation \/ Flight
World War II
Paper Forge
Andrew G. Nelson
30 - 90