Surrounded!: With a Shotgun
Surrounded!: With a Shotgun (2019)


In Surrounded! With a Shotgun you and up to three friends are holed up in an isolated building surrounded on all sides by vicious hoodlums intent on your demise. Fortunately, you are well armed and know they are coming. However, if they get to the building faster than you can take them out, you will be overrun. Can you survive being Surrounded! With a Shotgun? Players win by either surviving a 25 card deck or by eliminating all hoodlums. Each round a card is drawn to indicate where new hoodlums enter the game, and where they will advance. Then each player gets to take a number of actions indicated on the card. These actions will usually be to shoot at hoodlums, but you could also move or build barricades. 1 to 4 players with custom boards for each player count. —description from the designer

Point to Point Movement
Campaign \/ Battle Card Driven
Dice Rolling
Print & Play
Action Points
1 - 4
Nathan Hansen Games
Nathan Hansen
20 - 80