Sushi War: Laser Battle
Sushi War: Laser Battle (2020)


In the near future, an Alien Race formed by Sushi is conquering the entire world. But when everything seemed to be lost, 4 Legendary Chef Warriors came from the future to avoid the World destruction. Each Chef Warrior wants to prove his worth and they will compete between each other to be the first to safe the World. Be ready for the various challenges in the game and use Laser Chopsticks as a tremendous force to reach your purposes. An incredible battle with chopsticks, sushi dice and a bit of intriguing tech! Easy to learn and to explain, Sushi War: Laser Battle is more than a simple dexterity game! Discover an innovative way to play! Use your chopsticks to build real Sushi Towers and defeat your opponents throwing down their compositions! Join an unique Arena using Laser Chopsticks of different colors: only with them you can destroy the Sushi menace! Main features of the game: Build Sushi Towers with the correct dice sides up as fast as you can to earn points. Throw dice against your opponents to destroy their towers and win easier. Change game modes with exclusive challenges and prove your talent with chopsticks. Switch on the Laser Chopsticks and eliminate the Sushi race from the Arena! —description from the publisher

Dice Rolling
Science Fiction
Party Game
Take That
Roll \/ Spin and Move
Action \/ Dexterity
2 - 4
Dario Dordoni
30 - 45