Supertall: Spires
Supertall: Spires (2019)


Supertall grows with the new Spires expansion! This expansion adds 6 Spire cards to add height and value to your skyscraper design. At the start of the game, randomly choose 1 more than the number of players. Spires can be claimed by any skyscraper that meets the requirement. They are treated like other floor cards and can be moved around after claimed. At the end of the game, each spire scores 3 bonus points if its requirement is still met. This expansion was initially released as part of the May 2019 package for the Button Shy Board Game of the Month Subscribers at the $10+ level.

Hand Management
Set Collection
Card Game
Tile Placement
City Building
Take That
Expansion for Base-game
2 - 3
Button Shy
Nathaniel Levan