Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams (2019)


It’s 9PM on Halloween and swarms of kids are still running around trick-or-treating. 9PM! This is way too late for someone to stay awake. Time to get rid of these sweets and get to sleep! Sweet Dreams is a game where you are adults trying to give out all their candy on Halloween. The kids have specific sweets they want and arrive in a particular order. Whoever arranges their candy bowl the best wins the game. Each player randomly gets 3 cards that you place facedown in front of you. After the game starts, you may not look at your cards again, except when cards are traded. Match the 3 Favorite cards better than your opponents to win! Toothpaste doesn’t help towards victory, unless you collect 3 of them. Then, you win with a Dentist’s Halloween! This game is part of a thematically linked trilogy of games. In Sweet Dreams, players are adults trying to give away all their candy first on Halloween. In Trade-or-Treat, players are kids trading the candy they got from trick-or-treating. In Cavity Calamity, players are dentists cleaning the teeth of the kids after Halloween. —description from the designer

3 - 4
Junk Food Games
Derek Torsani
5 - 10