Table Dodgeball
Table Dodgeball (2020)


Using a portable neoprene mat, players will try tossing small cardboard dodgeballs into each other's rings. Once a ball is tossed into a ring, that player is out. The last team standing wins. HOW TO PLAY Each player at the start of the game will select a jersey ring with a nickname on it. That becomes their player piece. Each player will also grab a dodgeball. If a dodgeball thrown from the opposing team enters this jersey ring, it counts as a hit and the player with that ring is out. A hit occurs when the dodgeball completely enters the ring or is leaning inside the ring. If the dodgeball is balancing on top of the ring or leaning outside of it, that counts as a catch. That means the person who threw the ball is out and their jersey ring must be removed from the arena. The person who caught the ball can now have a previously out person come back in for their team. Teams go back and forth throwing until one team is left standing. HOW TO MOVE Once you toss your dodgeball, you'll need to pick up another one to throw again. To do this, move your jersey piece to a different section of the arena. There are 4 sections for each side. Each section separated by lines and a pattern of blue and grey. You can move to a section that contains a dodgeball to pick one up again or you can move to a section without a dodgeball and won't pick one up. But you must move every turn You can move once per turn. HOW TO WIN The goal of dodgeball is to knock out all the players on the other team. Welcome to the Table Dodgeball League. —description from the publisher

Party Game
Action \/ Dexterity
Team-Based Game
Moving Multiple Units
2 - 10
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Corey Lizotte
10 - 30