Table Air Combat: Ki-61 Tony
Table Air Combat: Ki-61 Tony (2020)


Table Air Combat is a fast, simple air combat game that can be played on any flat surface. All you need are some six-sided dice and some coins to provide weight for the aircraft counters. Everything else can be printed from this ruleset. Each player has a flight of four aircraft represented by two counters. Aircraft counters move by means of curved “performance rulers” that represent the aircraft’s historical cornering ability and maximum speed. A performance ruler is unique to each aircraft, and contains all the speed, cornering, and weapon information needed. TAC is designed for portability; The entire game can fit in a plastic bag. Even the largest battles can take place on a fast-food restaurant table. The Ki-61 was the only Japanese fighter to feature an inline engine, a license-built version of the Daimler-Benz 601 V-12. When the Ki-61 was first seen by Allied pilots, they mistook it for a German-built Bf-109 or an Italian C.202 fighter. Self-sealing fuel tanks and pilot armour sacrificed maneuverability for durability, and the inline engine made a streamlined fighter with higher speed than other Japanese fighters. This set is a self-contained rulebook with miniatures for the Ki-61 Tony and two scenarios that reference other aircraft. Misidentification: Ki-61 and Ki-43 Oscars engage American P-38L Lightnings. Ganryu-jima: P-47 Thunderbolts defend B-25J Mitchell bombers against a flight of Ki-61 Tonys This set contains miniatures for the Ki-61. Other aircraft must be purchased separately. —description from the publisher

Dice Rolling
Aviation \/ Flight
World War II
Print & Play
Measurement Movement
Paper Forge
Andrew G. Nelson
30 - 60