TACTIX: Universal Wargame Rules
TACTIX: Universal Wargame Rules (2020)


Tired of the same old game with no flavor and no balance? Restricted with your army list and the options you have? Struggling to get the most out of your miniature collection? Looking for a system that allows for large-scale wargaming and skirmish level campaign play? Love the models in your collection but hate the rules made by that company? Look no further! This is the wargame you've been searching for. TACTIX is a wargame that allows for ultimate customization for each and every model in your collection while providing a balanced and streamlined ruleset for you to use for any genre or type of wargame! —description from the publisher TACTIX is a generic system that supports two or more players using any type of forces, from historical to science-fantasy. A simple procedure is used to assign individual models several ratings, including Assault, Shoot, and Quality. Models' size is determined by the physical base size of the figure, and is divided into seven categories (each category other than Normal has an assigned Trait). A relatively simple method is then used to calculate the model's cost in points, and players take (roughly) the same number of base points for their army. Play proceeds in turns, round-robin style. Games have a pre-determined length and end when the time is reached (or when all but one player concedes). Games have pre-determined objectives with associated points; alternately, victory can be determined by remaining model points. During their turn, players have several options available for each model, depending on the model's individual Trait(s). The game is distributed as a rule book only. Models used during play can be derived from nearly any source, as desired, and may be of almost any scale, though 32mm through 400mm bases would by typical. —user summary

Dice Rolling
Scenario \/ Mission \/ Campaign Game
Mayhem United
Paul D. Stevenson