Survey and Explore: A Starport Scum Expansion
Survey and Explore: A Starport Scum Expansion (2016)


One more rock floating in space. Welcome to Survey and Explore, an expansion pack for the Starport Scum game rules. With this expansion, you will be able to land on any uncharted world and explore, using random scenery, sights and encounter tables to find interesting things to loot, explore or get eaten by. This emulates the "hex-crawl" gameplay style used by some fantasy roleplaying games, where you explore a world map one hex, grid or region at a time seeing what you find. This can be used as a travel mechanic for an existing campaign, as a diversion or even as a solo-campaign. Random animal stat generation is included as well as well as a few notes to explain core rules terms to those using this with another rules system. Survey and Explore is easy to use with other science fiction role playing games and campaign games, though any rules references are for Starport Scum. —description from the publisher

Science Fiction
Expansion for Base-game
Scenario \/ Mission \/ Campaign Game
1 - 8
Nordic Weasel Games
Ivan Sorensen