Switch Which?
Switch Which? (2015)


2 Players compete in a game of quick actions to remove the opposing player from the board. The first player without their colored dice on the board or the first player to run out of time, loses. Switch Which uses a chess clock and each player start with 3 minutes time. The dice are set up with one player starting with 5 dice in their color on the board, the other player starts with 4 dice in their color on the board. Players will alternate turns, rotating the selected dice the difference of numbers on the boards edge. When a player has rotated two dice to their completion, they will stop the chess clock for their time and the other player's turn begin immediately. Its a race to remove your opponents color from the board, while not taking too much time or accidentally removing yours in the process! —description from the designer

Abstract Strategy
Action \/ Dexterity
Action Timer
David C. Morgan
William Beus
1 - 6