Sword of Honor: Ronin
Sword of Honor: Ronin (2020)


Sword of Honor: Ronin is a solitaire combat pen and paper RPG with a unique character creation system centered around the Seven Virtues of Bushido; Honor, Courage, Justice, Honesty, Duty, Righteousness and Respect. You are a masterless Samurai, who must restore his lost virtues through trials and adventure to avenge his Lord’s death at the hands of the scheming and treacherous Kira. Your path will take you through unexplored lands and into the depths of the Underworld, where it is rumored Kira has conjured ancient scrolls to become a demonic monster who will destroy all that is good and honorable in men - the Seven Virtues of Bushido. You must search over land and underworlds to find and destroy Lord Kira’s abomination so your master’s soul can rest from eternal darkness -or die trying. With pencil, paper, dice and your imagination you can create and play your own adventure to explore a mythical land, do righteous deeds, combat demons,marauding bandits and restore honor lost. You are a Ronin —description from the designer

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(Web published)
Joe Fernandez
30 - 90