Sweet Holic
Sweet Holic (2020)


The sweets of the world-renowned dessert contest are sweeter than sweet. The theme of this contest is the sweet French dessert — macaron! You have to compete with macaron pâtissiers from all over the world and make the macarons more deliciously than anyone else. If you careless, the cookie (the outer parts of the macaron) can burn. To make the perfect macaron cookies and filling, you must have a perfect blend! Will you be able to defeat your competitors and win competitions to become the best pastry chef in the world? Sweet Holic is a macaron-making board game for 2 to 4 players. At the start of the game, each player receives five hand cards, then discards a card of their choice in front of them. During a round, players have to choose to change their cards with the topmost card of one of the open discard piles or play macaron ingredients in their hand to finish a macaron. In order to finish a macaron, a player needs to collect a pair of the same kind of cookies and one filling card. Same-colored macarons score extra points. If a burned cookie is included in the finished macaron, it gives -1 point. After finishing a macaron, players draw back up to four cards. Add all the macaron scores to find the winner! Each player can receive extra points depending on the character card they received at the start of the game.

Set Collection
Card Game
2 - 4
Korea Boardgames co., Ltd.
Olin Studio
Olin Jeong