Sweet16: Matchmaker
Sweet16: Matchmaker


Sweet16 is a lightly themed memory game inspired by Calcory from Mü & More by Doris Matthaus and Frank Nestel. It can be used as an educational tool to develop counting and memory skills in young children and with the full set of rules is a challenging and fun game for more serious gamers. The game uses a standard deck of cards and melds hidden information, memory, bluffing and special card powers into a fun, short game. Cards are revealed with the aim of having their values sum to 16. Players can push their luck or engage their memory and hope to avoid going bust. Or they can play it safe and hope their opponent cannot outdo their achievement. If a player succeeds they collect the revealed cards into a score pile. One of the cards is re-hidden and another can be used for it's special power. Highest score wins. The theme is nominally about high-school intrigue and dating.

Card Game
Push Your Luck
2 - 5
(Public Domain)
George Leach