Swip'Sheep (2020)


Each player receives 3 cards. The rest are put to one side. Each player secretly gives one of their cards to the player on their left, and another to the player on their right. When all the players have 3 cards in their hand again, the first player says: "Are there any wolves around this evening?". All the players with a "wolf" card in their hand place it down in front of them. Each "wolf" card equals one attack. Any player with more than one "wolf" card, can attack the same player or different players. Working clockwise, any players who have placed down a "wolf" card now have to attack another player! To attack, the player has to put the "wolf" card in front of another player. If the player being attacked does have a "dog" card, they defend themselves and turn the attack against the wolf, otherwise the wolf attacks, and steals a card from the player's hand at random. The thieves keep the stolen cards in their hand. The used "wolf" and "dog" cards are put to one side. When all of the wolf attacks are over, each player reveals the cards they still have in their hand. The players keep their "sheep" cards to one side. These will ear them points at the end of the game. All the "wolf" and "dog" cards are put back into the deck of remaining cards and a new round begins. When all the rounds have been played, each player counts the number of sheep on their cards.

Card Game
Children's Game
3 - 5
Yann Dupont