Take 4
Take 4 (2002)


Take 4 is a skill-testing, interactive word game played by 2 to 8 people, ages 8 to 88. It combines vocabulary knowledge, spelling and logic into a fascinating game in which every second counts. Easy to learn and a challenge to master, Take 4 is the word game with an edge! An ideal family games, Take 4 is fun for all ages. Take 4 consists of a playing surface and a set of 100 letter tiles. Each player strategically constructs their own crossword puzzle using the letter tiles which are randomly selected in groups of four. The player to first construct an accurate, valid crossword puzzle calls the round "done". The score is calculated for the round and another is played until the target score is reached. Use of "Bonus Words" provided adds another "kick" of excitement for all players. Take 4 is not a game of chance. Only skill, logic and strategy make you a winner.

Tile Placement
Party Game
Word Game
2 - 8
Discovery Toys
Grass Roots Games Inc
Dwight Bender