Swahili (1968)


This is a pretty straight forward adaption of Mancala. The three dimensional board is made up of 11 rows (circles) and a middle pit. The first 6 rows are safe and each player has their own along with a pit for prisoners. There are then 5 circular rows that anybody can move into and a pit in the middle for scoring. To start the game you place 3 pieces on each of your first 4 rows. You pick a row and move all pieces in it, dropping one piece off at every row you pass. If your last piece comes to rest in a row with other of your pieces you may pick them up and move with them also. Upon getting a pawn to the middle pit you drop one in and start placing the pieces starting along row one again. If your last piece ends in a row that an opponent has a single piece in you capture it and place it in your prisoner pit. If more then one opponent has a single piece in the last row you place in you capture all of them. When one player has no pieces left, through dropping them in the middle pit or being captured, the game is over. Each piece captured is worth 5 points and each piece in the middle pit is worth 10 points.

Abstract Strategy
Abstract Games
2 - 4
Milton Bradley