Sweet Sabotage
Sweet Sabotage (2015)


Sweet Sabotage is a board game about maids, butlers, desserts, and SABOTAGE! Build and serve your customers desserts to please your master, or destroy other player’s progress through sabotage! The cafe inheritance is on the line, make sure YOU win it! Players start by choosing a maid/butler, and each of them have specific skills. Customers come in with their dessert card order, and the player has to collect ingredients to fill up the dessert card and serve the customer successfully. Be sure to act fast though! Some customers are impatient and will not tolerate slow service! If you can't find the ingredient you urgently need, or you have to prevent someone from serving their final customer and winning the game, you can draw a Sabotage Card. These cards are powerful, and allows you to steal ingredients from other players, or even wreck their dessert forcing them to start over... but be careful! You can draw a CAUGHT card and you lose points! The first player to reach a certain amount of favor points (gained from serving desserts to customers) wins the game, and the inheritance of the whole cafe!

Set Collection
Card Game
Take That
Push Your Luck
2 - 6
Olivia Chung
Charles Cue