TAG, The Transactional Awareness Game
TAG, The Transactional Awareness Game (1976)


The childhood game of tag us based on making contact. So is TAG. More than an exciting game based on Transactional Awareness, TAG is a revelation of the constant interplay of human interaction at all levels and movements. Accepting acknowledged insights into the nature of interpersonal behavior, TAG identifies and summarizes the 16 basic interactional styles, from the authoritarian "Director" to the acquiescent "Follower" to the headstrong "Individualist". By understanding how every person's own style interacts with the style of others, the player can better understand the roots of empathy or antagonism experienced in relationships. Through TAG, the player discovers more complementary transactions and avoids stifling ploys and fruitless struggles. Beyond discussing the dynamics of relationships, TAG provides ethical norms for transactions designed to equalize and bring them to greater fulfillment.

Cooperative Game
Team-Based Game
2 - 6
Harper & Row
Thomas C. Oden