Take A Letter
Take A Letter (1985)


"Collect, Swipe and Trade Until A Word Is Made!" As you move around the edge of the board, you collect letters, usually two per turn. Your 3 'Word Play' goal cards specify the conditions of the word(s) you need to put together. For instance: a word of greater than 7 letters or a word starting with 'TH' or a word that uses the same vowel twice. Scores range from 10 points to 75 points with harder goals resulting in higher scores. One word may fulfill the conditions on 1, 2 or all 3 of your cards. You then place the word on the gameboard in a crossword grid similar to Scrabble. By covering certain spaces on the board you earn bonus points or take a letter from another player. First player to get 400 points wins.

Word Game
Pattern Building
Roll \/ Spin and Move
2 - 4
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