Suspicion (1977)


One of you is guilty... The adult murder mystery game where a party of "guests" (the players) must discover who among them is guilty of doing away with the host--the mysterious Doctor Fenn. Logic and reasoning are the keys to success. It is midnight. Dr. Felix Fenn, world famous surgeon, has just been found in his private study, dead! Murdered! You and the other players are the only guests at Fenn Manor. One of you is guilty. The rest must find out who did it, before the murderer has a chance to cover his tracks; before the murderer leaves at dawn; before the murderer strikes again! Contents: 6 clues envelopes (one for each player) 6 tokens 1 notes pad 1 pair of dice 1 gameboard 60 evidence envelopes and corresponding clue cards divided into four suits: Weapons, Alibis, Motives, and Circumstances.

Card Drafting
Roll \/ Spin and Move
3 - 6
James Morrow