Sway:  A Game of Silver Linings
Sway: A Game of Silver Linings (2015)


Description from the publisher: A hilarious party game in which players go head-to-head in debates about totally different topics. Challenges like "Speak Like a Pirate" and "Do Yoga Poses" add to the fun. Compact and easily portable, small enough to fit in a medium-sized purse or hold in one hand. Includes 500 Topics, 75 Challenges, 1 Alternate Case card, a spinner and a 30-second timer. All game elements feature original drawings by Sam Birchman, a Seattle-based artist (except timer). Sway is a hilarious, positive party game in which players go head-to-head in "debates" about totally different topics - the catch is they can only discuss the POSITIVES of those topics, even when the topic seems negative on the surface (e.g. "Locking Your Keys in Your Car." To add to the fun, both players complete the same challenge while making their case; things like "Speak in a Southern Accent" or "Dance the Robot." A judge is decided at the end of the round and awards cards as they see fit for the topic, challenge or both. Sway is a simple game that brings people together, induces laughter, and helps show the good in all things. It exposes sides of your friends, family or co-workers you've never seen before. Imagine hearing your grandma discuss the positive aspects of a getting fired in her best (or worst) Scottish accent - that's what Sway is like. It’s fun and funny, but not anyone else's expense.

Card Game
Party Game
Betting and Bluffing
3 - 10
Sam Birchman
Rachael Kauffung
Margaret Marshall
Jeff Marshall
30 - 60