Swack! (1968)


Swack is Ideal's wacky, new game that's loaded with action. What happens when you take the cheese off the giant trap...just wait and see. You might move ahead on the big cheese scoreboard or you might move back if the trap goes swack. On a player's turn he or she can take up to 3 pieces of cheese from the pan. The player must take at least 1 piece of cheese from the pan. A player gains 3 points for each large piece of cheese and 1 point for each small piece of cheese taken. If the trap springs, the player springing the trap loses 10 points. Players take turns removing cheese until someone springs the trap- then all of the cheese taken is replaced and the trap is reset. When a player reaches the end of the scoring track- the game ends immediately.

Hand Management
Pick-up and Deliver
Action \/ Dexterity
Children's Game
Children's Games
2 - 4