Supremacy: The Middle Powers
Supremacy: The Middle Powers (1988)

3.0 / 5

Two new superpowers: The Federation of Australasia and the Dominion of Canarctica are contained in this expansion set. These newly emerged superpowers will cause major shifts in the global strategic balance. Try out your grand strategy with two very challenging superpowers - suddenly you will see the problems and opportunities facing the world from a new perspective. Use the middle powers when you want a seven or eight player game. Or, substitute them for two of the original six superpowers that came with Supremacy. Very challenging superpower combinations can emerge if you include the middle powers when using the "Random Open" rule. Playing Equipment Supply Centers: Two are enclosed, one for each middle power. Armies and Navies come in two new colors: Light blue for Australasia and dark blue for Canarctica. Note: Plastic playing pieces for the neutron bombs and killer satellites expansion set are enclosed for each middle power (2 x 39 colored disks and 2 x 18 colored mushroom clouds).

Modern Warfare
Expansion for Base-game
3 - 8
Supremacy Games
Robert J. Simpson