Taco Ninja Adventure
Taco Ninja Adventure (2017)

1.5 / 5

Taco Ninja Adventure is a card game for 2-6 players created by Turn Sideways Games. Players are unique Taco Ninjas with special abilities and play on 2 teams. Players land attacks on the opposing team's Taco Ninjas by rolling combinations on 5 dice. Players can power up their attacks by learning new, more powerful attacks in the Dojo. Players may also play tricks in the form of item cards acquired while training in the Dojo. If a Taco Ninja's life points go to 0, they go to the afterlife. In the afterlife Taco Ninjas can heal their friends on the battlefield, and if they are very lucky, they can come back from the afterlife. One team wins when all opposing Taco Ninja's are sent to the afterlife.

Lookback - August 25, 2021
Card Game
Dice Rolling
Player Elimination
Team-Based Game
2 - 6
(Web published)
Turn Sideways Games
Rusty Scioscia
20 - 30