Sword of Kings
Sword of Kings (2016)


The Sword of Kings game consists of 108 beautifully crafted cards that are used by 2-4 players (knights). The goal for each knight is to build a unique tunnel to their dragon’s Lair. While building their tunnel, knights will discover various magical treasures and encounter friendly people to help them on their quest. At the same time, Knights will find evil creatures and various obstacles they can play on the other knights to slow their progress. Once inside the lair, knights must fight the dragon that is defending the sword. The first knight to defeat the dragon claims the Sword of Kings and wins the game. Games usually take from 30-45 minutes; but with the numerous card combinations possible, game play will vary greatly in both style and time. This allows for endless hours of fun while being drawn into this beautiful and magical world.

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Take That
2 - 4
Red Knight Card Games
Mathew Rutan
30 - 40