Sword for Hire: A Solo Dice Game
Sword for Hire: A Solo Dice Game (2018)


Solitaire dice game of fantasy combat. It only requires pen, paper, and 3 regular dice. The player controls a fantasy hero who is attemtping to defeat mighty villains and monsters. Each Hero turn the player chooses to roll and reroll dice. The result of the dice forms a temporary pool of damage points. Certain combos grant special abilities, like double damage or parry. When the player chooses the Strike action, the total from the temporary damage pool is applied to one of the enemies. The Hero's turn is then over. If the player rolls a 1 for any reason, the attack is a miss, and there is no effect. The turn was wasted. Next, the enemies attack - each in different ways depending on the scenario. The player wins by defeating all monsters, and loses if the hero is killed. —description from the publisher

Dice Rolling
(Web published)
Marco Arnaudo
3 - 10