Tactician: the Game of Battlefield Strategy
Tactician: the Game of Battlefield Strategy (2018)


Tactician is a two-player turn-based game of tactics and strategy in which the players are medieval generals. Each player commands an army of Archers, Pikemen, Mounted Archers, and Knights who fight to destroy the foe and win the day. Players first choose which advanced tactics to use, if any, and then assemble the game board. Choose at least four of the fourteen square tiles and arrange them so all tiles are accessible and both players have an equal number of starting squares. For a challenge, use the Tactical Terrain side of the tiles. Each player begins with between eight and twenty units of their choosing, deployed within the first three rows of their side of the board. Turn phases include Movement, Combat, and Resupply. Combat is resolved based on Unit Advantages, situational bonuses, and a roll of the dice. All phases are completed by a single player before their opponent may begin their turn. In order to win, one player must eliminate all enemy forces from the field or outnumber their opponent's troops by more than 3-to-1. Set-up and play average 60 minutes total. —description from the publisher

Dice Rolling
Grid Movement
Modular Board
Hill Haven Games
Matthew Haecker
45 - 90