Swords & Souls
Swords & Souls (2018)


Swords & Souls is a quick combat card game with deck-building elements for 3-6 players. After you and your fellow adventurers fall in battle and are cast down to the Underworld, Hades approaches you with a deal: entertain him with one last battle, and the most aggressive among you may return to life. You and your opponents will take turns drawing and playing attack cards against each other. If your opponent can block or dodge your attack with a card of their own, they're safe... for now. If not, they'll take damage and you'll earn obols, the silver currency of the dead, which you can use to buy more powerful cards from Hades' arsenal of weapons, magic, and other tricks. Finish an opponent and you'll take a fragment of their soul. But even death is no comfort, as the souls of the defeated quickly rise again to continue the fight. Earn 3 soul fragments to become Hades' chosen champion and return in glory to the life you once lost. Blood will be shed. Legends will be born. Feelings will be hurt. -description from designer

Hand Management
Card Game
Variable Player Powers
Take That
Deck, Bag, and Pool Building
3 - 6
Fridgecrisis Games
Jaron Frost