Supreme Board Game
Supreme Board Game (2018)


The Supreme Board Game is for 2 to 6 players, and fun for all ages and skill levels. A game can be played in 10-20 minutes and no two games will ever be identical. The Basic rules are easy to learn, easy to play, and the lead can change quickly during the fast paced action! When using the Advanced rules with 2 or 3 players the skill level is raised considerably, but a little bit of luck will keep things exciting. Making the correct decisions with the optional doubling cube is crucial in a 2 player match, and helps minimize the luck of the dice, giving the skilled player a big advantage. The Basic game is for 2 to 6 players. Try to outrace your opponents to the finish line by choosing one of your die rolls and navigating your pawn forward or backwards. Along the way try to bump your opponents backwards and take advantage of shortcuts and unpredictable tunnels that could instantly catapult you from last place to first place! Towards the end when it looks like you may lose, taking the black tunnel will give you the opportunity to surprise everyone with a last minute come from behind victory! The winner is the first to cross the finish line by the exact count of the dice. You might roll the winning number on your first try, you may miss a couple times, or worse yet, you might roll two large numbers and be forced to move backwards, giving your opponents a chance to come from behind and beat you! The Advanced game is a competitive match between 2 or 3 players with a predetermined amount of points needed to win the match. The same rules as in the Basic game are used, except for these additional rules that raise the skill level dramatically. Players now navigate two pawns each forward or backwards around the board according to their die rolls giving them double the amount of landing spaces to choose from and decide whether to spread their pawns apart, or to keep them close together. Your pawns may act as a team and bump each other backwards 1,2 or 3 spaces to land on other key spaces. A smart player will sometimes move backwards to help diversify his good numbers for future rolls. Another good strategy is to bump your opponents backwards 1,2 or 3 spaces in order to slow them down by duplicating their good numbers. The most important and difficult skill to master is the proper decision making involved with the doubling cube. When a player decides the time is right and has a sufficient advantage, he may offer his opponent to double the stakes of the game from 1 point to 2 points. The opposing player must then decide to either continue playing for 2 points, or concede the game, and forfeit 1 point. If the opposing player accepts the double, he now owns the cube, and play continues to the conclusion unless the player owning the cube decides at some point to redouble his opponent from 2 points to 4 points. A game is won when someone gets both of their pawns past the finish line before their opponent does. In the 2 player game, if someone gets both of their pawns past the finish line before their opponent can get any of theirs across, it is considered winning by a knockout, which is double the amount shown on the cube! NOTE: This is Version 2 of the Supreme Board Game, and most of the Advanced game rules have been revised since Version 1 to give you many more options to choose from on every turn. The skill and strategy in the Advanced game has been greatly enhanced to make the game more fun, exciting and competitive. has done a review on Version 1, but hasn't reviewed Version 2 yet. The Version 2 review should receive flying colors compared to the first version! From the publisher

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