Sword & Sorcery: Hero Pack – Ryld Chaotic Bard / Lawful Blademaster
Sword & Sorcery: Hero Pack – Ryld Chaotic Bard / Lawful Blademaster (2018)

3.0 / 5

The world of Sword & Sorcery always needs new heroes! With this Hero Pack, you now have the possibility to introduce a new, powerful character into your campaign. The silent flash of a blade is the only sign preceding death, when a fighter like Ryld is around! Born as the rare love child of a human and an elf, Ryld can be played as either a Chaotic Bard or a Lawful Blademaster. As a Bard, Ryld was a wanderer, making a living with his wonderful voice. In his journeys, he learned a little of the arcane arts, and his ability in fencing and his magically empowered voice made him a famous adventurer, capable of fighting as well as inspiring his comrades. As a Blademaster, Ryld studied sword-fighting and became a fencing master, tutoring promising pupils and helping them to make a name for themselves. His combat tactics are always carefully planned, and he is able to help his companions with his sword, as well as his counsel. —description from the designer

Dice Rolling
Variable Player Powers
Area Movement
Modular Board
Expansion for Base-game
Cooperative Game
Action Points
1 - 5
Ares Games
GaGa Games
Gremlin Project
Simone Romano
Nunzio Surace
60 - 90