Supervillain: This Galaxy Is Mine! – Henchmen Expansion
Supervillain: This Galaxy Is Mine! – Henchmen Expansion (2018)


I love minions. They are indispensable cogs in the machine of my villainous ambitions — but they aren't too smart. You have to watch the minions all the time because otherwise they would screw up everything. I got sick and tired of this. I wish I had loyal assistants able to chasten the minions, twist the asteroids' tails, and bring me coffee in bed... Well, perhaps, that's not necessary. But in our galaxy, everybody with a head on their shoulders fancies themselves a villain. Where to find quick-witted servants? Luckily, the League of Villains has come to aid just in time. They have assembled a portal to another dimension inhabited by best henchmen in the universe and vowed to open it once per season. I hope they are not lying. So all I can do now is wait! And rig the portal with explosives, of course, to prevent other villains from laying hands on what is rightfully mine! The Henchmen Expansion for Supervillain: This Galaxy Is Mine! gives you figures that are head and shoulders above ordinary minions. In the hands of a skilled villain, each henchman is able to reverse the course of the intergalactic battle! At the start of the game, you shuffle the "Unstable Portal" card in the domination deck along with "Secret Facilities". Sooner or later, some player draws "Unstable Portal" , and when this happens, each villain takes a henchman card, which includes three abilities from which to choose. You can play any one of those abilities, then you place the henchman card in the discard pile. The two upper abilities of a henchman card are played strictly in accordance with the minion ops rules. Furthermore, using a henchman is considered playing minion ops. Therefore, during your turn, you may either play one of the two upper henchman's abilities or a regular minion ops (along with any number of swift minion ops). As for the lower ability on a henchman card, it is played as swift minion ops. It's much weaker than any of the two upper abilities, yet comes in handy sometimes! —description from the publisher

Hand Management
Card Game
Science Fiction
Area Majority \/ Influence
2 - 4
Moroz Publishing
Rightgames RBG SIA
Anton Lozovskiy
Denis Davydov
30 - 60