Supervillain: This Galaxy Is Mine! – Nebula Expansion
Supervillain: This Galaxy Is Mine! – Nebula Expansion (2018)


— Dad, – a little minion asked, – what is shining so bright in the night sky? Is it a planet? — No, it’s dark on the planets during the night – they are saving power to build Secret Projects. — Perhaps, it’s a star? — No son, we can’t see stars – the entire outer space is veiled by smoke traces left by Asteroids. — So, what is it? – the kid insisted. — They say, it’s an ancient space station flying in a nearby nebula, – mysteriously whispered father minion making his eyes even more round. – This is an artifact of proto-Villains who had lived long before the birth of our Master! This station contains countless treasures... — New Secret Projects, Asteroids, and more Minions? – the kid supposed. In response, the father gave a pat on the son’s helmet and tousled his toy plasma gun hanging on the belt. A smart boy is growing! Just like his father. Shuffle one or both Nebula Discovered! cards to the Domination deck. When a Villain draws Nebula Discovered! card from the deck, draw a Nebula card randomly from the Nebula pack of cards. Put three Asteroid-proof tokens near it. While the Nebula card is in game, each Villain may launch Asteroids into the Nebula – instead of targeting other Villains. When an Asteroid hits the Nebula, the Villain who has launched it gets exactly what is printed on the Nebula card. Then the Villain discards the Asteroid and removes one of the Asteroid-proof tokens placed near the Nebula. If it was the last remaining Asteroid-proof token, the Nebula card also goes to the discard pile. A Villain may send a charged Asteroid into a Nebula as well. Such an Asteroid smashes the Nebula into pieces after executing its effect. Why do so? To prevent other Villains from getting benefits from that Nebula, of course! —description from the publisher

Hand Management
Card Game
Science Fiction
Expansion for Base-game
Area Majority \/ Influence
2 - 4
Moroz Publishing
Rightgames RBG SIA
Anton Lozovskiy
Denis Davydov
30 - 60