TAG! The Card Game
TAG! The Card Game (2019)


TAG! The Card Game is a frantically fast paced card game of real-life tag. Where the goal is NOT TO BE "IT!". Immediately get rid of the "IT!" card before the "TIME" card shows up... or you lose! TAG! The Card Game is a non-linear card game that resembles "UNO" and Hot Potato. Speed is essential!To win you better play fast or out smart your opponents! How to play: The game starts with all players picking up (4) cards and picking a single player to be "IT!" The player who is "IT!" starts by using a card from their hand and placing it onto the discard pile passing the "IT!" card to another player, making them the new "IT!" Keep passing the "IT!" card until the "TIME" card shows up. Immediately place the "TIME" card down, whoever is "IT" at that moment loses! "Real-Life TAG is dangerous, Play TAG! the CARD GAME instead!!!" —description from the publisher

Hand Management
Card Game
Variable Phase Order
Party Game
Action \/ Dexterity
Children's Game
Push Your Luck
3 - 5
Jason Welsch
1 - 3