Taifa: Intriga y guerra en la Hispania Medieval
Taifa: Intriga y guerra en la Hispania Medieval (2018)


Taifa is a card driven board game set in medieval Spain in the 11th century, where each player controls one of the main kingdoms of the time, which can be Christian or Muslim. A game has 4 turns and lasts about 2 hours. Each turn players receive a variable number of cards, which can be historical events, troops or response cards, and they play them in alternate rounds until all pass or run out of cards. The cards are divided into two decks, one for the Christian kingdoms, and one for the Muslims “Taifas”, and each deck has a different style of play. The whole game revolves around the cards, there is no economy or armies on the map, it is a fast game with the complexity level of a eurogame, but at the same time with a lot of historical flavor. At the beginning of the game all players start with the same number of controlled areas, and at the end the one who controls more areas than the others wins. The game is based on “Taifa: El juego de la reconquista” (1998, Ludic and Diset) and has been developed by its same creators, although their game mechanisms, card-play and graphic design have been changed to the point that it is practically a different game. This game has a print & play version at printandplay.games and a “commercial” version at The Game Crafter, both in English and Spanish. —description from the designer

Hand Management
Print & Play
Area Majority \/ Influence
2 - 6
The Game Crafter, LLC
Victor Catala
Alex Folch
Jesus Peralta
Ignacio Torres Siles
90 - 120