Supreme Leader
Supreme Leader (2018)


Do you have what it takes to rule as Fuhrer, Il Duce, Vozhd, King of the Golden Horde, Holy Roman Emperor, or Leader of the Only Free World? Supreme Leader is a game of political survival that explores power dynamics in the comfort of the home. Every player will be tested on their ability to make and hold alliances, build a strong economy, and eliminate other belligerent leaders to the United Nations. You will produce an income, make deals with other players, bribe your way out of tough spots, and purchase cards to bolster your plays and diminish your foes' powers. However, be careful of how and who you send to the United Nations because they will have to vote for you to become Supreme Leader in the final round of the game.

Hand Management
Card Game
Variable Player Powers
Take That
Betting and Bluffing
5 - 10
Card Culture LLC
Jackson Herold
Michael Arcuri
60 - 90