Surfer (2018)


Surfer is a game which 2 to 4 players compete to decide who is the best surfer. Surfer's box size is compact, but the fun and party atmosphere it brings is never compact. Aloha~ welcome to Surfer’s heaven, “Hoot Island.” Did you happen to hear the rumor of the legendary wave “Tanju”? Then, get on the surfboard. If you want to prove yourself the best surfer! Every round, the dice are rolled and it creates new waves. Players can move surfers on their turn and have different results depending on their choice. Surfers can get a small score on the waves near the beach, or go out to the sea a little further to get a bigger score. It all depends on the choice of the player and perhaps luck. Are you ready to become the best surfer in Hoot island? -description from the publisher

Dice Rolling
Area Movement
Push Your Luck
2 - 4
Hoot Games
Jaeyoung Jeong
Seongjin Park
Minee Son
15 - 25