Superhero Meeples
Superhero Meeples (2019)


Assemble your superhero team to defeat encounters and earn the most honor! Rescue bystanders, capture henchmen, and form a plan to defeat the evil meeples terrorizing the city. A drafting card game that is easy to learn, quick to play, and fun for the whole family. How To Play: Players will draft cards to assemble their team of superheroes. Without revealing their cards to the other players, each player looks at the 9 cards they were dealt, selects one, and places it face down in front of them until all players have selected their card. Players then take all of the remaining cards (now 8) and passes them to the player on their left (who also is passing their cards to their left). Then, starting with the player with the "First Player Card" and continuing clockwise around the table, each player takes a turn choosing either to: Play the card drafted or Discard the card drafted and attempt to win an encounter If they Play the Card Drafted, they turn their card face-up and resolve any effects on the card (Example: the cards says “Gain a bystander.” They would pick up one of the purple bystander tokens and place it in front of them.) If they Discard the card drafted and attempt to win an encounter, the player places the drafted card face-up in a discard pile in the middle of the table. They then attempt to win an Encounter, seeing if they are able to meet the requirements of one of the face-up Encounters. If they are able to do so, they place the defeated Encounter face-up in their play area. If the encounter had any special text on it, resolve those now. (Examples of special text: “Discard two superheroes” or “Gain a planning token”) After ALL players have revealed their drafted card and resolved any special card abilities, replenish any Encounters that were defeated from the face up available Encounters. Then the players pick up the stack of cards that were passed to them from their right. Repeat the process of choosing a card until all cards have been drafted. After the last cards are drafted, players count up the Honor (Victory points) they earned. Add all Honor earned from defeated Encounters, rescued Bystanders (each purple bystander token is one honor), and any additional Honor from any Ally cards drafted (Allies do not have an icon in the top left corner and also refer to “At end of round…”). The player with the most Honor is the winner! TYPES OF CARDS AND TOKENS Superheroes - There are four types of Superhero cards: Strong (green fist), Telepathic (blue eye), Fast (yellow bolt), and Flying (pink wing). Allies – Allies give additional Honor at the end of the round if certain conditions were met. Allies do NOT count as Superheroes and may not be used to help defeat encounters. Allies do not have an icon in the top corner (also, the art on all the ally cards is a person that is grey). Encounters – The requirement to defeat the encounter is listed on the bottom half of each encounter. Some encounters give bonuses or require costs. The number in the top right corner is the amount of Honor earned from defeating that Encounter. Some encounters have icons with a “?”, indicating any type superhero may be used in that requirement. Henchman Tokens – Henchman tokens are represented by the white meeple tokens. They represent a henchman being captured who can share valuable information to you, making it easier to defeat encounters in the future. Each Henchman token counts as a “?” icon when defeating encounters. You do NOT return Henchman tokens to the supply when they are used, they remain with you for the rest of the round and may be used on multiple encounters. Multiple henchman can be used on an encounter, up to as many “?” icons that are on that encounter. Planning Tokens - Planning Tokens are represented by the star tokens. They represent valuable foresight and information you have gained to more easily defeat encounters. When a planning token is used to help defeat an encounter, it is returned to the planning token supply card. Planning tokens count as a “wild” superhero while defeating encounters. They may be spent to replace any icon on an encounter. Any number of Planning tokens may be spent at one time. Bystander Tokens – Bystanders are represented by the purple meeple tokens. Each one of these tokens counts as one Honor at the end of the round. —description from the designer

Set Collection
Card Drafting
Comic Book \/ Strip
3 - 5
Joe Hout
20 - 30